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About StyleRefined

StyleRefined is a fashion&style blog written by Nanna who lives in Finland. I love classy and stylish clothes, and I am crazy about shoes and bags. My blog is written from a Tall Girls perspective, and I wish there were more clothes made for tall women.

I have lived in Paris, California and Stockholm in addition to Helsinki, and during my time in these different countries developed a broad perspective to the cultures and fashion preferences. Personally I like to to combine practical, stylish and quirky fashion together.

I have a fashion design degree from Helsinki Design School. During my studies, I discovered a passion for creating prints.

The final project for the Fashion Degree was to design and create a piece of clothing. I designed the print and the kimono in the picture.


The photo on the left is taken by Fashion Photographer Marica Rosengård during the end of the year photo shoot for the Fashion Design Degree. You can find out more about her work at