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Extravagant Italian Architecture

I have visited Italy on several occasions in my past and I have always loved their love for food. Rome is a city I have yet to visit, but I got to visit Milan on two occasions. One being very brief, while the other a few days longer.

First time I went to Milan was to get to the Airport. I was visiting Nice on business, and of course there was a strike. Because the air controllers were not happy, they were on strike and many flights got cancelled. Thank goodness I had for once booked my flights through a travel agency, so they sorted my flights in such a way that I could fly on the day of my original departure, but I had to get myself to Milan. Only a 3 hour drive to get there, but that was better than waiting for two days to maybe get a flight back home.

On my second visit to Milan I got to see the city itself. And it is beautiful. The Italians are as good as the French when it comes to beautiful architecture. They maybe a bit more edgy and modern. That is a great contrast with the old buildings and narrow streets. The hotel we stayed in was very much design and edgy, while it was in a totally contemporary setting in the heart of old Milan.

The most impressive piece of architecture I encountered was Galleria Vittorio Emanuele en First of all, the architecture is impressive, and second, the number of high fashion shops in the galleria was just amazing.

We also had a delicious dinner in Osteria Brunello. I don’t just love food. I really love delicious food and visiting restaurants like this gives me the opportunity to get straight into the heart of a culture and people. When you know how people eat, then you know something about their culture.

StyleRefined - Beautiful Spaces - Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

StyleRefined - Beautiful Spaces - Duomo

StyleRefined - Beautiful Spaces - Milan Metro Coffee

StyleRefined - Beautiful Spaces - Milan Cafe