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Shoes Designed by Yours Truly: Shoes of Prey

I discovered Shoes of Prey by a hazard. I was looking for something else and ended up on their website and was instantly hooked. The designer in me was immediately interested in creating something unique, something that was made for especially me.

Shoes shoes shoes...

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It is like going to a candy store when you are a kid. So many options, so many good stuff to choose from. Maybe a bit of chocolate, or how about those fruit candies, and what about these gummy worms!?? But you can’t get everything, which is really sad…

I was playing around with several designs and looks, and finally after at least 6 months of thinking about it, I designed a pair that I ordered. The excitement, the thrill!! My shoes would come home to me soon….It was so hard to choose every aspect of the shoe because the choices were so delicious. I had to think hard about when and in what kind of situation I would be wearing them, and what kind of material would be different, but still very stylish.

I was really impressed by the Shoes of Prey order process. I received emails when my designs were being created, telling me what stage they were in and what was being done. I was so excited every time I got an update and I loved every word and video.

And then the day came…my shoes were home.