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Tall Shopping at Long Tall Sally in London

During my recent visit to London, I had to go to the Long Tall Sally‘s flagship store on Chiltern Street. I have tried ordering clothes from their online store, but I was kind of very unsuccessful with choosing the right size. I love their style and I love their concept of making tall women clothes. This is the store I have been looking for!! So when in London, I decided that it was a good idea to go on-site and try on as all the different things that they had to figure out what my size is.

Long Tall Sally Shop Front

Capture from Long Tall Sally Shop

It was a very strange experience. There were only tall people – my height, in the store. And it felt weird. It was so strange to talk “level” with someone, no neck bending down or trying to make myself smaller. It was also very refreshing and wonderful! If you head out to London and have the chance to visit the store and bring a boyfriend or a friend with you for the trip, the store has a waiting area where your friend can sit and read magazine while you shop.

The store is in one of the really trendy areas of London with lots of little boutiques and shops. There are also shoe stores that cater to taller women in the area, at least if you need to wear bigger size shoes (Magnus Shoes, Crispin Shoes)

I was so excited to find clothes for my height, that I couldn’t just go in and try clothes and leave. I ended up buying the two things that I have had hard time finding anywhere. I bought a beige Trench Coat and a black Blazer Jacket. Both of them fit me like a glove.

If you have ever had problems finding clothes for x y z reason, you will understand how amazing it feels when you find something that fits you perfectly. And the saying, fits like a glove becomes clear. I put on the trench coat and I fell in love. Gone were the frustrations of trying trench coats in “larger” sizes. They are not designed for tall people, just wider people. And the pleasure of finding a piece of clothing that flatters your height and slender figure is immense. The price was very nice for the trench coat too, only 100 GBP. Click below and you will be taken to the page in Long Tall Sally Shop – Classic Trench.

I have to add that the shop assistants were really wonderful and helped me out with the sizes and styles. I will definitely be shopping more in their online store now that I know what my sizes are. I was totally surprised that I could choose from the size XS to M if I am looking for a top or tunic, depending on the material. If material is stretchy and cotton, for example, then I can go for the XS, if it is less stretchy, then I have to choose M. For coats, I can take UK14 and the coat will sit nicely on my shoulders, and I will manage to wear something thicker under the coat.

For the first time, it is nice to be tall when buying clothes!

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  1. You look fabulous in your new trench!!

    • Nanna M Says: May 9, 2015 at 1:39 pm

      thanks love! 🙂 I love the trench so much! I am glad I could finally find one that fits me.

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