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Travel in Style – Essentials Unfolded

When travelling I like to be as comfortable as possible, but I also want to look nice. I prefer the “easy-going” to being overly done and looks that require too much maintenance. If it is a short flight, and I need to be in a meeting directly from the airport, I may go for something more formal.

I also try to travel as light as possible because it is so annoying to have lots of different things to carry around. However, there are certain things that I will not be travelling without. I try to minimize the amount of metal decorations on my travel clothes because I hate the beep of the metal detector and I prefer to get through them without a sound.

What to wear during travel:

  • Comfortable pants so that you can sit for hours without a problem.
  • Belt is an option since it is one of those things that you need to take off at the security.
  • T-shirt, sweater, scarf. Too hot, too cold? Having enough layers will make it easy to regulate your preferred temperature.
  • Knee socks for comfort. Air travel is always hard for the legs due to the change in air pressure and hours of sitting.
  • Easy and light shoes that will look good, but which will not be uncomfortable if some swelling occurs.
  • Big tote bag wich will fit all the necessities: water bottle, lip balm, hand cream, book, notebook, music.Travel Essentials

I usually don’t want to check my bag in, so I will have a carry on with me. And as said before, I prefer to travel light, so I have minimized the stuff I will carry around. Over the years, I have come to the conclusions that there are only so many things that are essential when travelling. The weather conditions play a big role, but even then it is possible to have “travel” staples that will make your luggage light, but versatile.

What to wear at the destination:

  • Pair of high heels
  • Dress that does not wrinkle
  • Enough underwear to last 1.5 times the trip
  • Tops that are suitable for day and evening occasions
  • 2 pairs of stockings, enough socks to last the trip
  • Another fancier sweater
  • Skirt that is suitable for formal meetings or evening out
  • Pair of jeans or pants
  • Sleepwear

Folding Cosmetics Bag

And all women know how hard it is to travel without the full range of cosmetics, and thinking of the restriction of a 1-liter plastic bag for anything liquid. It is a skill to minimize to toiletries. I have also learned that every woman should have this: folding cosmetics bag. Why? Because you can pack all your “dry” cosmetics essentials in there, including eye shadow and all the other necessary maintenance items. It is one bag that I never forget home. And the best part is that you can hang it on a towel hook at the hotel.

And did you know that you can fit more to your luggage if you roll all your clothes? Try it the next time you need to pack for a trip. You will save a lot of space, and it will be easier to fit anything you buy into the luggage. My bag is usually “half empty” when I’m on an outbound trip. When coming back home, the bag can be checked in since you don’t need the dirty clothes in case the luggage goes to a different destination than you.

Happy and stylish travels to everyone!



  1. This is such an instructive post!!!Travels are exciting but when it comes pack and how to dress in style and comfortable, it ‘s kind of stressful! Thanks for these tips it will helpfiul next time I am in the go! Great post!!

    • Thanks Mireille! 🙂 I’m glad I could alleviate some stress for you for the travels to come!

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