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Curvy Forms and Me

I will make a bold statement: “Today’s clothes in the stores are not designed with curves in mind”. They are designed for slim forms, and creating bigger sizes of these designs is not making a curvy body look good. And the designs that are made for “voluptuous” forms, are mostly just designed to hide big bodies, and end up making the wearer feel most likely even more aware of not being fashionable.

Fiona Falkner


I believe that there are ways to design clothes for women that have curves, (even slim people can have curvy body by the way) which will make the woman feel good about herself, the way she looks and how she expresses her personality. I have been following a very inspiring person who writes a blog Girl With Curves. Tanesha is a very stylish woman and she is a role model for me in the sense that she expresses her personality with the clothes she wears and designs. She looks absolutely stunning and the designs she wears are very inspirational and give me lots of ideas.

When I was visiting US last year, I went to a store called White House Black Market and found heaven. The shopping assistant lady that helped me to find things to try, really opened my eyes on things that I could wear, and the best thing was: all these clothes were designed with curves in mind and I looked absolutely fabulous. I love their “instantly slimming” dress collection because who wouldnt want to be absolutely confident that all your body is smooth, firm,  and good looking the moment you put that fabulous sexy dress on. No need to end up like Bridget Jones on a date and be ashamed of some grandma panties underneath just because you want to look fabulous. Long live spandex! Of course I ended up leaving the store with many heavy bags, a lighter wallet and a big smile on my face.

I love shopping in the US because the designers there understand that women with height and curves exist, and they design clothes for these women, not for a slim version which is then just made bigger.