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Beautiful Spaces and Lifestyle

I am going to start a series called beautiful spaces which will have pictures of the places I have visited and my impressions of them. I enjoy interior design as much as I enjoy beautiful fashion and food. For me aesthetics has always been a major thing, be it setting up my breakfast to choosing clothes to wear.

Having lived in Paris for several years, I was really intrigued by the French “Art de Vivre”, which I think can be translated to Lifestyle, art of living. The French really know this. You can see it in way they dress, how they enjoy their food and their wine, the gardens in Paris, the art museums and foremost the fashion.

France is the cradle of Haute Couture and the long tradition of exquisite clothing. But it is also much more. I may not like France all the time, especially when it comes to the strikes and honestly, the corporate life there is very hierarchical, and not always so positive, but in the Art of Living, France is in a league of its own.

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