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Marylebone – The Tote of the year

On my recent trip to London, I went through Gatwick Airport and while waiting for my flight, I did some window shopping. And I got really lucky. I discovered the most beautiful and innovative tote bag of the year: Medium Marylebone Tote bag.

At first you might think it is just another tote bag, but there is something about this one that will make it extra special: It comes with 3 sets of handles. So with the handle’s you can go formal, or for a more casual look you can choose from the pink and the turquoise handles.

I was also blown away by the fact that they have designed a business bag with some very special features: it is designed to carry an integral mobile phone and iPad / tablet battery charger pack for use with all your mobile devices giving you the freedom to recharge your tech gadgets on the go in style.

This is a must bag for any girl who is on the go and never wants to run out of battery while doing it. What would be better than taking your surfing, blogging or office out to the world and work when you are in a very inspiring environment, be it a beautiful park or a relaxing coffee shop.