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Styled – Winter Looks

When it’s winter, cold outside and the biggest thing in your mind is to keep warm, you don’t only have to think about the practical side of winter wear, you can take into consideration how it looks on you. When building your winter look, you do have to still think about the warmth factor.

For a warm and stylish winter look I suggest buying good quality winter gear that has other value than just looks to it, so that you can actually enjoy the winter weather in style. Go for colours that are easy to use for a few years, and such colours that will be easy to accessorize differently. To be more playful in winter with the looks, choose a quirky pair of mittens or a hat and scarf that have something different from just regular vanilla.

In the below set, I have combined very neutral colours and a quirky pair of mittens for the fun effect. To add colour, you can always choose your favourite colourful bag or that really nice set of mittens/scarf/hat made of some luxurious material.

My favourite brands for excellent winter gear include: NorthFace, MarcoPolo, LL Bean, Anything that says Thinsulate, Goretex, and good quality down coats, are good.


Winter Look